Calvyn Gardner

Calvyn is co-founder and Managing Partner of Hardac Investments, a private equity firm focused on junior mining companies in Africa and Brazil. Hardac’s co-investors include Lazare Kaplan International in New York (one of DeBeers’s largest US customers), Mvelaphanda Holdings in Johannesburg (South Africa’s largest Black Economic Empowerment Group) and GP Investimentos in Sao Paulo. Calvyn held various executive positions as an operating partner of Hardac’s portfolio companies, including as CEO of Trans Hex Diamonds, where he implemented a full turnaround of the company, transforming it into the 2nd largest diamond producer in South Africa. Trans Hex became a London Business School case study in turnarounds. He was also CEO of Signet Mining Corporation, which is part of Mvelaphanda Holdings. Before setting up Hardac and for almost 20 years, Calvyn held various executive positions within Anglo American Group, including General Manager and COO of Highveld Steel and Vanadium.

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